What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing.

Energy healing refers to the energy fields of the body, the aura that surrounds it and the chakras which are the energy centers located along the body. These energy fields act as a template of the physical body. When the energy body is imbalanced, the results are diseases in the physical body or emotional distress. Healing energy focuses on the imbalance of the energetic body, expressed as diseases or emotional distress, and fixes it on the energetic level. As a result, when the source of the problem is treated, the symptoms reduced, resolved and naturally despaired.

The body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself. It has all the necessary resources to find the source of the disease, treat its cause and prevent it. The recovery and healing process can be speed up through energy healing and channeling life energy via the sick parts of the body.

The symptom is an adaptive response to an event which happened and wasn’t completed. By internal stimulation (thought) or external (anchor) the symptom can be explode and manifest years after the trauma. The symptom maintained over the time due to limiting beliefs or the result of a shock. In other words, the problem is not the disease, but what created it.

Diseases are biological programs loaded with meaning. Any illness or physical pain has its own meaning. Body disease is a translation of the brain, a biological program designed for the purposes of survival experienced by the mind. Energy healing treats the symptom as a messenger indicating the basic imbalance, rather than as an enemy. Finding the biological conflict, listening to the biological symptoms, decoding the message and understanding it allow the healing process, significant pain relief and shortening the duration the disease.


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Reduce Stress

Enables people to handle and decrease emotional stress.

The nature of the work, the psychological condition of co-workers, and the overall working environment of a person do affect considerably the health of the worker. In this modern developed world, there is too much stress or tension. In other words, there is a lot of: work pressure, hurriedness, worry and anxiety, irritation, anger, hurt feeling, excessive aggressiveness, bullying and harassment.

Prolonged stress is a psychological ailment which will adversely affect the physical body. Severe stress or tension, in the long run, my manifest as gastric ulcer, heart ailments, hyperthyroidism, sever sinusitis, migraine headache, malfunctioning liver, damaged kidneys, general weakness, depression, and other.

I.R. (45 years old man) suffers from abdominal pains for which the doctors couldn’t find any medical cause. Physically everything was fine. I. also suffered from Insomnia and stress; due to his condition he resigned his job. This situation continued throughout 3-4 months, till he reached me for Pranic Healing.

After two distant Pranic healing sessions (I.R was living in Norway while I in India) he reported to feel a little bit stronger and to sleep pretty well during the night. After 8 more sessions I.’s sleeping has been completely improved. The abdominal pain was getting better. Few more sessions were needed to heal his defense system and stress -which was the major source of the problem. In order to deal with the emotional elements I am combined coaching tools along with the Pranic Healing session. It is not enough only to cleanse and energies the chakras but the person need to obtain tools that will help him overcome the situation.

Emotional Stability

Helps individuals deal with disorders and emotional issues like: addiction, trauma, phobias, compulsive behavior, relationship and even finances.

C.J (40 years old woman). This was an interesting and challenging case, C.J couldn’t forget and forgive herself for a romantic situation she had 20 years ago. She was supposed to get married, but was her whom decided to cancel the wedding. Since then she was struggling to forget this event, fighting constantly with the past.

It took only 5 Pranic healing sessions combined with coaching tools and conversations, to make her feel better, to learn how to forgive herself, to hug and thank the past and to let go.

Reduce Fever

Brings down the temperature of children suffering from simple high fever within a few hours and heal it completely in one or two days in most cases.

For my family and me the Pranic Healing is a way of life. Every time a member of my family is sick and/or has fever, the first thing I do is Pranic Healing, which in most of the cases is enough and no medicines are needed.

Physical Stability

Pranic Healing treats respiratory and urinary ailments, disorders of the skin, blood, eyes, ears and throat.

E. H (38 years old woman) suffered from hemorrhoids for 2.5 years, since she gave birth to her second daughter. She turned to me when it started to be really painful and annoying. Four Pranic healing sessions were required to completely make it disappear.

R.A (62 years old woman) suffered from rash on her hands, cause due to detergents allergy. Three Pranic healing sessions were required to complete make the rash and allergy disappear.

A.H (26 years old woman) suffered from diarrhea for two weeks till she came to me for Pranic Healing. Before coming for Pranic Healing, she went to the doctor, which prescribes her antibiotic for six days. She took the antibiotic for the required period of time, but the diarrhea continues. We started doing Pranic Healing few days after she finished the antibiotic. It took only one treatment to make her feel relief and completely healed.

Better Sexuality

Effective for treating reproductive ailments, menstruation issues, sexual impotence, sterility, healthy pregnancies and hastening recovery after giving birth, avoiding and preventing miscarriage.

H.A.M (31 years old woman), 4 months after giving birth she suffered from breast infection (mastitis) accompanied with high fever. I did one distant Pranic Healing session (I was living in India, H. in Israel) during which H. felt a heat at the infected areas of her breast, within few Better sexuality Effective for treating reproductive ailments, menstruation issues, sexual impotence, sterility, healthy pregnancies and hastening recovery after giving birth, avoiding and preventing miscarriage.

H.A.M (31 years old woman), 4 months after giving birth she suffered from breast infection (mastitis) accompanied with high fever. I did one distant Pranic Healing session (I was living in India, H. in Israel) during which H. felt a heat at the infected areas of her breast, within few hours the infection and the fever were completely gone. One week later H. contacted me again, this time she was diagnosed with tonsillitis and was asked by her doctor to starts with an antibiotics treatment. Since she just gave birth and was breast feeding, it was important for her not to expose her baby to direct medications or through her milk. After few hours of one distant Pranic Healing session the tonsillitis was completely gone. The treatments save her from using antibiotics and exposing her baby to unnecessary chemicals.

Control Diabetes

Pranic Healing helps to control and reduce Endocrine ailments, such as diabetes & hyperthyroidism.

Surgery Recovery

Pranic Healing help faster recovery from all kind of surgeries.

M. M (73 years old woman), was operated in 2006 putted prosthesis knee; the operation didn’t go well leaving her with less mobility and with constant pain. During 2007 she was re-operated, but this constant pain never went away. She has been struggling with this pain ever since.

During Dec. 2012 while M. was visiting her daughter in India, she came to me for Pranic Healing. Three Pranic Healing sessions were done, making the pain dramatically decreased. M. started sleeping through the night and noticed that the small discomfort she felt in her body completely disappeared.

To preserve M. good feeling and condition, few more distant Pranic healing sessions were given. (While I am in India & M. back in Spain).

Skeletal and Muscle Disorders

Reduces or completely relives muscle pain cause due to different kinds of sports injuries or due to scoliosis, arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

R.A (35 years old man) sprained his ankle during a basketball game. On his way back home he called me (from Israel to India) asking for some Pranic Healing help…. After the first session he was relief. Total two Pranic Healing sessions were required to completely reduce the inflammation and pain.

Pranic Healing is suitable for everyone

Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox western medicine, but rather to complement it. Countless people and their families have been treated and are enjoying a better quality of life through Pranic Healing.

To heal without leaving the house using Pranic Healing

Distance healing is done by sending the universal life energy force from the therapist to the patient who is at a different location. This location can be in the next room or on another continent at the other side of the world. Distance healing is based on the assumption that the energy is not limited by time and space.

The last thirty years took a turn and distance healing methods were validated scientifically. Over a hundred studies have proven that distance healing is possible. The role of consciousness in the physical world investigated by the founders of Quantum theory, claim that at a certain level brain and material can be inseparable.

There are four principles in the quantum physics which explains the feasibility of distant healing:

1) Intention is transmitted via an energy signal. Thought targeting principle, energy prana follows wherever the healer focuses his thought or intention. So through thought and intention the healer can offer healing therapy for any patient anywhere in the world.

2) Intention acts in time and space dimension like gravity, creating connection paths.

3) Individuals as the particles described by quantum physics are related to each other regardless of the distance. The healer and the patient are interconnected as both are part of the earth’s enteric body. The energy bodies that outline the physical bodies of both have no barriers. If I could break it down to a single sentence I would say that it's possible to send energy over a distance because at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. We are all connected. We are not separate. This connection allows the healing energies to move from the therapist to the patient without barriers of distance.

4) In quantum physics meaning can be measured.

I offer distance healing to people who cannot approach me because of distance, physical conditions, etc. Especially when it comes to infants and children it is not necessary to take them out of their home environment during illness. Thanks to the Distant Healing, I treat and help people all around the world.

Alona Ben Ari

My name is Alona Ben -Ari, I am married and a mother of three children.

My first 15 years in the professional world, were spent in cubics at high-tech companies. I succeeded to jungle between home, work and my children. There were periods in which I started my morning in the office with a cup of coffee and two aspirins, I could not and did not know any other way. I suffered from frequent migraines. The physical condition and emotional stress in which I lived also affected the health of children. My youngest daughter suffered from chronic rhinitis during her first three years of life, which the orthodox medicine and the alternative ones couldn’t cure.

During 2010 I decided to make a career change and studied Coaching. A year later we moved to India, where I was exposed, to Pranic Healing. During the two years we lived in India, I learned Pranic Healing and worked at a private clinic as well as a volunteer in a Pranic Healing center at Bangalore.

What about Omer’s chronic rhinitis? It completely despaired.

Every time I heal someone, sees him recovering and receives his thanks, it reinforced in me the belief in this miracle healing named the body's ability and power to heal itself.

Over the years, I successfully treated patients from Israel and around the world, from infants to adults. For many of them the conventional medicine could not provide a solution or an appropriate response for their symptoms, or simply wanted to get better without taking medicines.


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